Rates for Featured Artists from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland for Advertising

In a commercial a featured artist is someone who is seen or heard (excluding background speech or noise) and whose individual role plays an essential part in the telling of the commercial story.

Unless otherwise agreed, for commercials, and corporate films, all rates and working hours are based on the ‘Form of Engagement for Featured Artists in Television Commercials’, approved by Equity, the IPA, APA and ISBA.

British based featured artists receive a day rate, the Basic Studio Fee (BSF) & separate fees for usage:  All shoot days (BSFs) are for 10 hours (including a 1 hour break); overtime is @ 20% of the BSF an hour, after 10 hours (unless otherwise agreed); Travel and rest days are at 50% BSF & night-shoots; Sundays & public holidays are at 150% BSF. Recalls & wardrobe sessions are normally £50.

Artists receive additional use fees for their performance being broadcast: Usage fees.  All usage is officially at the rates approved by Equity (actors union) , PMA (personal managers association) and the AMA (association of model agencies) ,  available at: www.usefee.tv . All artists’ fees for overseas commercials are usually subject to a 20% agency fee.

Models for Print, work an 8 hour day with an hour break and can be booked for 4 hours / half day.  Model and dancer bookings are also traditionally subject to a 20% agency fee.  Models also get paid for the media in which their photograph are used. These include magazines and magazine covers, product packaging, print ads in newspapers, bus ads, billboards, direct mail, editorials, posters, catalogues, brochures, point-of- sale book and online and digital media like websites, and social media. Their Day-Rate may include a small usage but the model should receive fees for any medium their image appears in.

Any agreements with rates, buyouts, or working hours that differ from the above must be agreed prior to casting including caveats for any potential additional and subsequent usage.

For Film and TV, the hours of work are 8 hours out of a 9 hour working day and follow one of the following guidelines, the FAA /PACT Agreement, the BBC Equity Agreement or the ITV Equity Agreement.

The working hours for children are available here:

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